object(stdClass)#29373 (3) {
  string(48) "https://kingriver.co/quote/sentropy-acq-discord/"
  string(20) "sentropy-acq-discord"
  object(stdClass)#15891 (5) {
    string(13) "John Redgrave"
    string(509) "I want a strategic advisor with whom I can call and talk in the hardest moments as an entrepreneur – someone who will hold me accountable but do so in a way that's empathetic to my challenges. It's rare to have an investor who makes your hardest moments easier. I never hesitated to talk to the King River team when I was dealing with issues, big or small, and without judgment, they would listen with open minds and act as a strategic sounding board. They’re great investors and even better human beings."
    string(41) "Co-Founder & CEO, Sentropy (acq. Discord)"
    object(stdClass)#29580 (2) {
      string(73) "https://kingriver.co/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/Sentropy2-testimonial.png"
      string(8) "Sentropy"
    object(stdClass)#29087 (2) {
      string(13) "Sentropy Logo"
      string(77) "https://kingriver.co/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/Sentropy-testimonial-logo.png"