King River

The King River Capital Group is a group of companies served by two Australian Financial Services (“AFS”) Licensees, King River Capital Management Pty Ltd ACN 629 090 286 (AFSL 526280) and King River Capital Holdings Pty Ltd (AFSL 526279) is authorised to offer, deal and arrange in certain securities, and with its corporate Authorised Representatives operates a financial service business from Australia. King River Capital Management Pty Limited is also an exempt reporting advisor with the Securities and Exchange Commission (CRD # 317361/SEC#:802-123131).

The King River Capital group’s investment advisory services are provided to a limited number and type of investment funds and clients; and King River Capital group does not make its services available to or solicit the general public. King River Capital Management Pty Limited benefits in Australia from being the holder of the trading name “King River Capital” and may not be used without permission. Other product, company names and trademarks are the trade names and trademarks of their respective owners within King River Capital group, or of those other owners outside of the King River Capital group.

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