Personal focus.
Global reach.

We are focused and intentional in our work so we can provide access to our entire team, our combined experience, and global perspectives to accelerate your growth.

Our story

We formed King River Capital with two goals in mind: to source extraordinary technology investments in the US and Australia by leveraging our strong networks in these regions and beyond, and by taking advantage of our agility as a small fund. Our aim is to cultivate a diverse, energized ecosystem of entrepreneurs and partners who want to build the world’s iconic companies and create a better future.

That vision of a diverse ecosystem is reflected in our name. King River is a wilderness in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. Wild and beautiful, it feels like the edge of the world. Like you’re traveling through an untamed frontier, knowing you’ll be pushed to your limits – yet flush with wonder and anticipation at what you might discover along your journey.  It’s a place of vast potential that invigorates us and incites our creativity.

We love what we do and are inspired and motivated by the dreams and grit of the people we partner with.

Our investment strategy

King River is dedicated to investing in innovative ideas and exceptional teams across the globe.

We invest in high-growth technology businesses working to solve critical problems within large markets. As highly engaged, nimble partners, we approach investing with equal parts insight and understanding for the challenges every founder faces.

Venture fund

Our venture fund is earmarked for early to growth stage software companies primarily based in North America or Australia.

What we’re looking for

We seek companies who can show clear evidence of product traction and/or revenue. While we prefer to lead or co-lead investments, we can also follow, with flexible capital that invests primarily in preferred equity.

Why partner with King River

Deep and diverse networks

We believe that venture capital is a people business, and want to work with great humans. We have cultivated a global network of operators, investors, and public sector leaders who can help you to grow your business – and to do it the right way.

Capital markets and deal expertise

We have decades of experience raising capital in public and private markets as well as negotiating mergers and acquisitions. We’ll help you find and be ready for growth and liquidity opportunities throughout market cycles.

Fundraising ally

We’ll help you determine when to raise capital, and how to pitch your business, and will personally introduce you to our curated network of co-investors and deal collaborators – many of whom have been founders themselves and will bring much more than capital to the table.

Digital Assets fund

Our Digital Assets fund is focused on web3 companies and projects that utilize or build blockchain technology globally.

What we’re looking for

We seek web3 companies or projects across all stages and geographies. We’re able to lead, co-lead, or follow with flexible, committed capital that invests in both tokens and equity.

Why partner with King River Digital Assets

Domain expertise

We have deep domain knowledge across our key thesis areas, including many decades of innovative finance experience and in-house trading capability. Our extensive regulatory expertise and relationship networks give us insight into the breadth of blockchain’s disruptive applications.

Powerful networks

We have long relationships and a history of co-investing with top crypto innovators and DeFi experts. We will introduce you to the right people at the right time to accelerate your growth.

First movers in Australia

We’re one of the first dedicated crypto-focused venture funds in Australia. We’re at the core of that ecosystem and in a leadership position from an operational and connectivity perspective.

No one is more present for your future

We’ll show up whenever and wherever you need us – as an advisor, a board member, a strategist – at every stage of your journey.


An engaged, global partner

Our networks span continents, which means your opportunities do, too. Our entire team will provide deep support, connectivity, and strategic advice when and where you need it.


Intentionally focused

We are focused on companies within our areas of expertise and maintain a low deal-to-partner ratio across our portfolio so that founders always have direct access to our entire team and our combined experience.


Aligned values

We want to work with great people to solve ambitious problems. We’ll help your team to build your business with a long-term view that creates value for all stakeholders.


Flexible capital

We’re purposely built to provide a better founder-funder experience. We customize our relationship and role based on each company’s needs, providing flexibility as
you grow.

partnerships at work

When you’re with King River, we’re all here for you, anytime.