object(stdClass)#29429 (3) {
  string(36) "https://kingriver.co/quote/finclear/"
  string(8) "finclear"
  object(stdClass)#15947 (5) {
    string(13) "David Ferrall"
    string(606) "King River has been with FinClear from our very early days. Not only did the team take the time to intimately understand our business, addressable market and opportunities, but as we have grown and inevitably developed our capabilities, they have remained a consistent advocate and valued advisor. Their breadth of experience across industry, international capability combined with local support and focus, in conjunction with their extensive network has proven invaluable to our business. Many investors espouse a capability to provide introductions and assist business development – King River deliver!"
    string(23) "Founder & CEO, FinClear"
    object(stdClass)#29636 (2) {
      string(60) "https://kingriver.co/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/FinClear.png"
      string(8) "FinClear"
    object(stdClass)#29143 (2) {
      string(13) "FinClear Logo"
      string(72) "https://kingriver.co/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/finclear-testimonial.png"