object(stdClass)#28919 (3) {
  string(40) "https://kingriver.co/quote/cover-genius/"
  string(12) "cover-genius"
  object(stdClass)#15437 (5) {
    string(14) "Angus McDonald"
    string(406) "It's a genuine partnership, not just an investment – they are all about making sure we get a good outcome. As a global company, it was important for us to partner with a venture fund with lived global experience and perspective on other regions. They are able to work broadly, be sensitive to other cultures around the world and think about opportunities in developing markets as well as Western markets."
    string(30) "Co-Founder & CEO, Cover Genius"
    object(stdClass)#29126 (2) {
      string(77) "https://kingriver.co/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/Cover-Genius2-testimonial.png"
      string(18) "Cover Genius Image"
    object(stdClass)#28633 (2) {
      string(17) "Cover Genius Logo"
      string(81) "https://kingriver.co/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/Cover-Genius-testimonial-logo.png"