ReDefined E5: Sara Xi on blockchain & sustainability

Sara Xi of Rubicon Carbon joins Megan and Jeremy to talk about how blockchain can help to address the climate challenge by providing liquidity and transparency to carbon markets

ReDeFined E4: The future of gaming with Robbie Ferguson

Immutable Co-Founder and President, Robbie Ferguson, joins the ReDeFined pod to talk about the future of gaming and digital asset ownership

ReDeFined E3: Art and Poetry on the blockchain with Sasha Stiles

Poet and artist Sasha Stiles joins the ReDeFined pod to talk about AI, art, and the blockchain

ReDeFined E2: Trust in the financial system with Salil Pitroda

Megan and Jeremy talk with Salil Pitroda about what’s next for finance after the banking crisis, trust & custody, and how DeFi can respond.

ReDeFined E1: The future of equity markets with David Ferrall

Jeremy and Megan talk with CEO & Founder of FinClear, David Ferrall about the opportunities offered by distributed ledger technology (DLT) and blockchain

ReDeFined E0: From Wall Street to Bitcoin with Roman Leal

Roman Leal, Managing Partner of Leap Global Partners chats with Megan and Jeremy about the early days of bringing crypto and blockchain technology to Wall Street.

Introducing the ReDeFined podcast

Jeremy Almond (Paystand) and Megan Guy (King River) announce the launch of ReDeFined, a new podcast exploring the ways that blockchain technology is changing our economy, culture and society

Fear & Greed Podcast: How crypto will come through the FTX debacle

Zeb talks about why 2023 will be the year the technology shows what it can do

The Crypto Conversation: King River Capital, Investing in Web3 and Beyond

The next waves of innovation aren’t traditional and the way they’re funded isn’t traditional either

Fear & Greed Podcast: Chris Barter

King River Capital founder predicts the “biggest tech disruption” since the 90s